Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome SEC Fans...

THE BOOK: Other Gods Before Me: A hilarious look at faith and fanaticism in the Southeastern Conference

THE PREMISE: To spend the weekend with a passionate fan from each of the twelve SEC schools. My hope is to attend the game with them on Saturday, then attend their worship service on Sunday morning. The book will be twofold. First it will be a travel memoir, recounting the trips, the campuses, the games, and the fans. But the book will also focus on believers in the South, and how they balance their faith with their fanaticism. As a believer, and an avid, if not rabid SEC fan myself, I hope to bring a unique perspective that can be critical yet sympathetic.


1. I need help locating the perfect fan to feature for each school. I'd love a diverse group, fans of various age, economic status, and religious denominations. If you know a person of faith who is crazy about their team, please email me at othergodsbeforeme@gmail.com

2. Tell me more about your school. I know the basics, but what are some things you love about your school that no one talks about. Restaurants, spots on campus, unique traditions. Scroll down the blog and find your school's entry, then tell me what I should experience when I come to town. Also be sure to answer the poll questions on the right hand side of the page.

3. Get the word out. Use Twitter, Facebook, email, smoke signals, whatever to let people know about the project. If you want, copy and send out the text below...

Zondervan author Chad Gibbs needs your help. His latest book, Other Gods Before Me: A hilarious look at faith and fanaticism in the Southeastern Conference, will chronicle the 2009 SEC season, focusing on how believers balance their devotion to God with their passion for football. To find out how you can be a part of this exciting new project, visit http://www.othergodsbeforeme.com/

Thanks again for visiting, I look forward to meeting you all this fall!

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